Anzali Free Zone


Geographical Location

Anzali Free Zone is in north of iran and south of caspian sea and as large as 3200 hectares and included industrial, trade and commercial, tourism and services sections.

Anzali Free Zone borders line is clear on the Gilan province map. This area is about 23 km on the Eest of Anzali city.

The Caspian Sea is on the north of Free Zone.

Anzali lagoon is on the East.

Anzali Free Zone is constituted in 2 separate sections in the west and east of Bandar Anzali, each part has its own specific potentials.

*eastern part is appropriate for industrial, marine, shipping:

The existence of docks, shipping and ports organization and facilities, customs office, industrial city, natural territory and properties, adjacent to Anzali international lagoon.

* Eastern part is appropriate for tourism and entertainments:

The existence of beautiful natural lands and properties for cultivation of crops, easy access to beaches and recreation facilities.



Bandar-e Anzali has the most humid climate of any city in Iran, having a climate somewhat similar in its heavy autumn and early winter rainfall and persistent high humidity and low sunshine , though it receives much less summer rainfall than that region it remains classified as a humid subtropical climate .


Historic Monument and tourism Centers

Anzali free zone in Gilan province is located and the province  is first producer of Tea, Cocoon and Olive in Iran, also producer of different kinds of fish and superfine Caviar in the world, Rice, Kiwi, Olive, Composites, Peanut, Hazelnut, Walnut, Tobacco, Flowers and Plants, Honey, Herbs like Borage, Animal Husbandry, Handcrafts, Crude oil and Gas resources.

some of tourism attractions of Gilan province are:

Beautiful beaches of Caspian Sea

Bandar Anzali International lagoon

Anzali navy museum

Fouman Qale Rudkhan historical castle

Masouleh historic town

Astara Still Lake

Gilan rural museum

Anzali Shanbeh Bazaar (Saturday Market)

Marlik Ancient hill

Miniature horse of Caspian Sea

Natural pool of Lahijan

The jungle


Investment Attraction and Opportunities

A) Industry

Easy access to raw materials in Anzali Free Zone and neighboring states make Anzali Free Zone suitable location for industrial plans.

* Steel conversion industries

* Sea food industries by taking advantage of the huge resources of the Caspian sea

* Mineral processing industries

* Extraction of eatable oil seeds from seeds

* Electric and electronic products

* Textile and garment industries

* Extraction of eatable oil seeds from seeds

* Electric and electronic products

* Leather and shoes manufacturing industries

* Floaters and ship manufacturing industries

* Car manufacturing

* Food, pharmaceutical and hygienic processing industries

* Agricultural equipment manufacturing industries

* Oil, chemical and petrochemical industries

* Food, pharmaceutical and hygienic processing industries

* Cellulose and wood industries

* Cellulose and wood industries


B) Trade and commerce

* Importation and distribution of commercial goods, raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods, machinery and holding regular exhibitions

* Export of goods manufactured in the free zone

* Transit and re-export of goods


C) Services

* Establishment of international land, sea and air transportation agencies

* Establishment of international universities and educational centers

* Setting up banks, insurance companies and credits institutions

* Setting up shopping centers, hotels, residential blocks, office complexes


D) Cultural and touristic activities

* Creation of resorts, hotels, shops, cinemas, theatres, aquatic sports


Advantages of Free Zone

* Existence of port installation, facilities and maritime transportation

* On the direction of north-south international corridor of Nostrac which is the 21th century transit corridor of Asia-Europe

* Connects Helsinki port (North Europe) via Russia to the north and south ports of the Caspian Sea, then trough Persian Gulf to the south-eastern countries of Asia

* Access to north and south ports of Europe through Volga River and Volga-Den (bay)

* Adjacent to ports of Astrakhan & Lagan in Russia, Kerasnodesk in Turkmenistan, Aktau in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan

* Existence of access roads to the consumption markets of C.I.S countries

* Adjacency to the vast gas & crude oil of the Caspian Sea

* Ghazvin – Anzali – Astara railway

* Closeness to Tehran about 360 km

* Adjacency to the Rasht international airport about 30 km

* International highway of Anzali – Rasht – Ghazvin– Tehran

* Existence of specialist work force