Aras Free Zone


Geographical Location

Aras free zone is located in the north-west of Eastern-Azerbaijan province. It shapes a narrow strip on the northern border of the province and the Republic of Nakhjovan and Armenia. The area is 1670 sqm. Aras free zone is situated on the south bank of Aras River on the north-west of the county. From the north side, the area is attached to The Independent Republic of Nakhjovan, by Aras River. The area is near Jolfa city and distance between Jolfa and Tehran is about 750 km.

Investment Attraction and Opportunities

Aras free-zone has a significant role due to the following facts: joint border with the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nakhjavan republic; Connecting lines and roads with Europe and Caucasus region, Turkey, Mediterranean region, and being located in international transportation corridors; A significant historical and economical history; appropriate climate; capabilities for developing tourism in the fields of history, culture, nature and international sports; a high potential for development and growth in industry, mining, agriculture.

Having Tabriz city as an important background and also valuable ecological areas and international caches, and valuable funds for agricultural development, has brought together a situation and condition that with its support Aras can become a region that has a desirable and idealistic health, welfare, food safety and natural environment, along with the fact that it can become an international medical and sanitary center.

Existence of rich mines and creating dependent industries, and being near infrastructure networks, and having the basis for developing new technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and IT, gives the region an ideal condition to boost its potential and contribute to the economic growth and thus rise to first place in the region for economical and developments.

* Investment opportunities in Agriculture sector

·         Floriculture in greenhouse complex

·         Agriculture transformative industries and production of fruit nectar


·         Fish ponds project in Aras River rim

·         Production of paper paste from agricultural wastage

·         Production of sapling

·         Export terminal of agriculture productions

·         Production of animal concentrate

·         Production of aseptic tomato sauce

·         Planting and establishing mechanized garden

·         Herbal plants cultivation

·         Sericulture and silk production project

·         Production of flour and bread

·         Production of fertilizers from planet waste

·         Production of biological fertilizers, compost and vermicompost.

·         Flesh solidification

·         Construction of slaughterhouse and Production of essence

·         Industries of dried fruit production

·         Mushroom production