Arvand Free Zone


Geographical  Location

Arvand Free zoneis located in the northwest of the Persian Gulf with an area of 172 square kilometers at the confluence of the two major rivers Karun and Arvand River and it shares border with Iraq and Kuwait. This zone, having capacity of transportation such as road, rail, naval and air, has special potential for business, industrial and tourism enterprises. The area is more than 173 sq. km. . . . AFZ is bordered on the west by Iraq and on the south by Kuwait. This zone consists largely of 3 main parts: Industrial townships in Abadan & Khorramshahr, Shalamcheh border-line and Minoo Island.


The Abadan - Khorramshahr highway, 15 km, which ends in Shalmcheh border-line, is one of the most important highways within AFZ

Abadan is an hour drive from Ahwaz through a highway. This highway connects Ahwaz to the port cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr . There is an overhead - high pressure power- line along the highway. It should be noted that the highway is of heavy traffic since this region was regarded as AFZ. khorramshahr is an hour drive from Ahwaz by a main road . Meanwhile, just parts of these roads are bounded by AFZ. Abadan - Khorramshahr main road through which the imported Goods are transferred from port of Imam Khomeiny to the Shalamcheh border-line.

Khorramshahr - Shalamcheh road, 16km, plays an important way in commercial transition of Goods from Shalamcheh border-line to Iraq.

AFZ is one of the most impotent places in the field of marine transport. Because, the important ports, Abadan and Khorramshahr , are located within AFZ. Their distance from some important ports in the country and, at the same time, their strategic positions by the Persian Gulf have attached great importance to this region.

Air transport: Abadan international airport is near to Abadan city located by the Arvand River. In Abadan airport, airlines with regularly- scheduled flights include:

Domestic flights: Asseman, Iran air and Iran air tours

International flights: Phoenix and Kish air

Industrial Advantages of Free Zone

AFZ enjoys the following geographical advantages for industrial development:

• AFZ takes advantage of infrastructures e.g. commerce, transportation and port facilities in Bandar Imam Khomeini.

• Basra – Khorramshahr railway is under construction and the plans drawn up for Khorramshahr – Bandar Imam Khomeini – Mahshahr rail way . Thus, the international and national railways are connected for industrial development of AFZ.

• AFZ enjoys a unique geographical position to access the international waters by way of the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea.

• The strategic position of AFZ to promote commerce and industry with East – Asian countries and the Persian gulf‘s littoral states as well as European – Caucasian continent.

• AFZ is bordered by Iraq and this country is importing different types of industrial products during the re-construction period.

• AFZ is just 30 km and 15 minutes drive from the strategic port of Basra and Shalamcheh border-line as a point for industrial exports to Iraq respectively.

• Bordering with the most important sources of Oil and Gas in Iran and other country such as Kuwait and Iraq .

• An abundance of Energy sources and surface waters in the region , make it possible to build water & energy- consuming installations as well as the sugar industry

• Situated in the heart of natural sources, oil industry, railways and fertile soils.

• The region surrounding AFZ enjoys the sources e.g., water, oil, soil also mines that can be extracted for industrial purposes and create industrial groups.

• Industrial merits for building oil & petrochemical- based by-products industry. Because, the main oil and petrochemical industries are situated in the region.