Chabahar Free Zone


Geographical position

Chabahar free zone is situated as large as 14000 hectares, in the south eastern province of Sistan va Baluchistan on the shore of Oman sea, in the north western Indian ocean and 70th km of Pakistan border.


The county of Chabahar has a warm humid weather in the summer and temperate weather in the winter. The monsoon winds make Chabahar the coolest southern port in the summer and the warmest part of Iran in the winter. It has an average maximum temperature of 34 ˚C and an average minimum temperature of 10.5 ˚C.


Transit and Transportation

Transit and transport is the major sector of Chabahar Free zone and major focus of Free zone Organization for building a soaring economic in region

Chabahar is connected to multimodal transportation through air, sea and roads. Its Konarak Airport has daily flights to the capital Tehran, Zahedan and twice weekly flights to Mashhad, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas. It has also international flight to Doha and Dubai and flight to Muscat(Masqat). Chabahar has two jetties that connect it to international waterways.Chabahar is connected to national road networks. Chabahar-Bandar Abbas, Chabahar-Kerman, Chabahar--Mashahd and Chabahar-Milak (on the Afghanistan border) are four main routes connecting Chabahar to national and international roads.

Iranian railways connect Chabahar port to Central Asia, Afghanistan and Central Iran. This project would have three branches including Chabahar-Iranshahr County, Chabahar-Iranshahre-Zahedan-Mashhad and Chabahar-Iranshahr-Zahedan-Milak.

The railway is appropriate for transporting cargo to Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.


Infrastructural Installation in Chabahar Trade and Industrial Zone

Shahid Beheshti jetty: This jetty, with 18000 square meters warehouse, comprehends the capacity of receiving the vessels of 100000 gross tonnages

Shahid Kalantari jetty: with 42000 square meters warehouse is able to have the vessels berth

The existence of transport terminal , with a capacity of receiving approximately 1000 trucks and lorries daily makes the transportation of different types of produced , imported or transited goods possible through the land roads


Special facilities for handling and transportation of goods

-The least handling time for ships

-The lowest warehousing and storage coast and availability of vast spaces

-The least tariff on ships and commodities

-Special discount and service:

1.       Repayment of land transport cost from Chabahar free zone to commodity owner’s

          warehouses in Iran

2.       Exemption from THC cost for the transshipment of goods from Bandar abbas to

          chabahar free zone

3.       Exemption from THC cost Chabahar if commodities import to Chabahar free zone

4.       Three month of exemption from warehousing costs

5.       Issuing certificate of origins confirmed by Iranian customs

6.       Issuance of different warehousing receipts confirmed by Iranian customs

All of above mentioned discounts render to commodities with customs tax higher than

19% of CIF value    

Investment Incentives and opportunities

1)      Special advantages

-          Strategic geographical position close to the international waters

-          The single commercial Iranian port out of the strait of Hormoz

-          Connecting point of Iran’s eastern corridor to the sea

-          Closest port to central Asia and Afghanistan markets

-          Easy access to fossil energy resources

-          Access to water, power and telecommunications

-          Easy access to constriction materials and cheap spaces

-          Low wages and abundant work force

-          Access to the different kinds of mineral resources in eastern Iran

-          Multimodal connection to air , roads and seaports

-          Long-term land leasing facilities

2)        Regulative facilities and privileges

-          100% foreign ownership

-          Guaranteeing of foreign investments against nationalization and confiscation

-          100% capital and profit repatriation

-          100% income and corporate tax exemption for 20 years

-          Duty exemption for importing of raw materials and machineries for manufacturing

            units and construction purposes

-          exemption of exporting free zone-made goods to foreign markets from general

            EXIM regulations

-          Duty exemption of exporting free zone-made goods to mainland to the extent of

            value added caused by utilization of domestic production factors

-          Every company can secure 10% of its workforce from abroad

-          Flexible labor regulations

-          Unloading, loading, transit and transshipment of merchandises abroad is

            permitted and it is free from all kinds of taxes and duties, only warehousing and

            local charges shall be collected.

3)        Investment opportunities

-          Establishment of specialized commodity markets

-          Establishment of ICT service providing centers

-          Establishment of  investment and marketing consultancy services

-          Establishment of fisheries and related industries

-          Establishment of packaging and related industries for r-export

-          Agri-products processing units

-          Establishment of assembling industries

-          Establishment of accommodation and leisure centers

-          Establishment of trade exhibitions

-          Establishment of air, sea and land transport companies

-          Establishment of ready-built industrial estates

-          Establishment of ready-built and standardized warehouses and

           manufacturing balls   

-          Establishment of ready-built factories for rental

-          Establishment of rental chilled storage units

-          Establishment of vegetable oil storage

-          Establishment of meat processing park

-          Establishment of health city

-          Establishment of academic city

-          Establishment of entertainment and accommodation units

-          Establishment of transport and transit network to/from central Asia

           and Afghanistan

-          Providing of logistic services

-          Providing of insurance and banking operation

-          Providing of technical and engineering services