Kish Free Zone


Geographical location

Kish Island has a surface area of 90 square kilometers, with the peripheral as much as 40 kilometers, and a nearly elliptical shape. It is located in the Persian Gulf 19kms from mainland Iran. The Island is positioned along the 1359km long Iranian coastline north of the Persian Gulf.  The Island is 15.45kms long from west coast to the east coast. Its maximum width extending from the southern shorelines to the northern shorelines is 7.5kms. The island's surface is flat, lacking mountains or even high hills. Kish International Airport is built in the center on an elevated area 35-40 meters from the sea level.


Kish's climate is very dry semi equatorial climate. The annual temperature 26.6 °C. The relative atmospheric humidity in the island makes it like a sea island except in cold seasons. The humidity is about 60% most of the year. In the months of October to April, Kish's weather is mild, ranging from 18 °C to 25 °C. The statistical data in the Kish free zone's archives show that the island's temperature varies from very hot to moderately hot, accompanied by relatively high humidity often interspersed by heavy rains of short durations in certain seasons. With the exception of some southeastern coastal areas and a few other islands in the Persian Gulf, Kish Island has the longest sunny hours in the region which is roughly 3100 hours a year.


Tourism Situation in Kish

Around 40 years ago, when a group of western experts came to Kish to survey its tourism situation in this Island, they compared it with the best tourist islands in the world then predicted a bright future for it. Since then it has taken long   in order to realize the position that it deserves.

Due to its natural attractions, pleasant weather more than seven months a year, and several recreational and sports centers, today the island has turned into a favorite tourism destination in Iran and the region. Hence, many hotel, shopping, restaurants, museums and entertainment venues have been established.

Water sports including scuba diving with instruction, glider, parasail, Jet Skiing, cable skiing, shuttle, banana, water skiing, Extremist rental boats, renting extremist boats, the glass bottom boats and the water clarity, Coral Sea floor are well visible also other  entertainment including bicycling ,horseback riding, karting, bugy  so dolphins show are part of the entertainment of this beautiful island. Investment in tourism is awesome in this island. Vicinity the island to Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Qatar and the UAE are the Benefits of Kish.


Industrial investment

One of the major objectives of the free trade zones in Iran is to create the necessary grounds for industrial development through attracting foreign and domestic investors to these regions and also transferring technology to the country.

According to the Kish Master Plan, tourism and industries are the two axes of activity in the region. The plan reiterates the need to create production centers including light industries and industries that require a high level of technology.

So there is no limitation for investment in the industrial, trade or production sectors. The only condition placed for the industrial sector is that industries in Kish, a major tourism destination, should not pollute the environment.

The Organization of the Kish Free Trade Zone, has established the necessary infrastructure facilities such as the electricity and water network, the industrial sewage network, the urban transportation network, in order to materialize the Kish Master Plan in the field of industrial development.


Ways to establish industrial units

The establishment of an industrial unit in Kish requires Obtaining the authorization to operate an industrial unit in Kish is carried out in the following three phases:

1- Obtaining the permission for establishment

In this phase the applicant, whether a real or corporate person fills out a form and supplies the necessary information on his proposed plan to the Organization. .

2- Provision of Land

After obtaining the permission of establishment, the investor must provide his land in one of Kish’s industrial Parks

3-licensing the Operation

After construction is completed the license for the operation of the industrial unit is issued  by the Organization .


Priority Industries

1- High-tech industries

2- Export-oriented industries

3- Electronic and computer industries

4- Audio-visual industries

5- Medical and dentistry instruments and appliances

6- Home appliances industries

7- Clothing and textile industries

8- Modern packaging industries

9- Food processing, pharmaceutical and hygienic industries


Existing Industries in Kish

 During the past decade, investment in industrial activity in Kish Island has seen a considerable growth. The major industries active in the Kish are:

1- Electric and electronic industries, including units producing computer games, modems, assembly of computers and printers, video cassettes, and medical and laboratory equipment

2-Chemical and cellulose industries including units producing fiberglass, PVC doors and windows and all sorts of wooden products and stationery

3- Food industries, lab kits, hygienic and pharmaceutical products, irrigation water systems.

4- Metal and car manufacturing industries, welding electrodes, spot welding, seals and bicycles.

5- Non-ferrous industries including units for the processing raw crystal through sandblasting and cutting, and production of construction materials.

6- Textile and clothing industries including units producing all sorts of clothes, footwear and leather products


Kish’s Trade Position

Kish’s tourism status and the arrival of more than 2 million tourists in the island each year, for sightseeing and shopping,  boom business and commercial activity on the island .Businessmen working in Kish, apart from enjoying special facilities for importing and exporting goods, also benefit certain other additional privileges:

They easily engage in trade activities with  Iran’s domestic  market  of 75 million people; they  use the cheapest, closest  route for  exporting their goods to the Central Asian countries; they use the services and facilities of  storage in Kish to store their goods , and later  to sell them in the island or re-export them; they use modern urban life facilities and also benefit from dozens of other privileges that encourage them to stay and  carry on their business activities.


Kish’s malls and trade complexes

Kish’s markets and malls are one of the main attractions that draw a considerable number of travelers from Iran and other parts of the world to the island. Every tourist and traveler, who has come to Kish with whatever intention, will visit its markets and hardly anyone leaves the markets empty- handed. There are currently 14 large markets and trade complexes in Kish.

 Kish’s main markets and malls are: Abshar Mall ,Almas Mall , Behkish Mall ,Khalij Mall ,Pardis one Mall , Pardis two Mall , Zeytoon Mall , Saffein Mall , French Mall , Marjan Mall , Morvarid Mall, Maryam Mall , Venus Mall , Kish trade center .


Export-Import Regulations

According to the executive bylaw, Goods can be shipped into the Island from any origin except for Israel. It is a formality free procedure; however, observation of hygienic, security, cultural and environmental regulations is obligatory for all importers. The duties levied on imports generate the financial source required for the execution of infrastructure projects in the region.

Customs duties are subject to significant discounts in order to encourage importers to procure goods from original sources and offer after sale services.


Entry and Exit Regulations

Similar to Iranian citizens, foreign nationals who intend to visit Kish Island need not obtain an entry visa . Upon arrival in Kish, the immigration authorities seal the passports. This stamp  is valid for two weeks, however, upon request by the KFZO the validity of such permits can be extended for three months and if necessary for another three months. Such permits are extendable for a maximum period of 6 months and 14 days following which the foreign national has to leave the Iranian territory and re-enter Kish if so desired. Foreign nationals who visit Kish for business or tourism purposes and intend to travel to the mainland Iran should submit their application to the office representing Foreign Ministry stationed in Kish and obtain an entry visa.