Invest in Iran


Iran qualifies from many respects to be a good location for doing business and investment.

Due to the existence of huge oil and gas resource, investment in the industry, in sectors exploration extraction, refining and petrochemical construction is awesome.

Iran is a country with four seasons climatic and having forest area, Long beaches in the north and south, two long mountain ranges in the north and the West With cold temperatures, hot desert areas in East as Lut desert is the hottest on Earth. It has been ranked the hottest place on earth at nearly 70.7 °C (159–160 °F), Historical places dating back thousands of years, Varied and beautiful nature; hence Iran is Spectacular country for travelers or appealing to those who have invested in tourism fields.

In Iran, Time Spent and cost build housing are high; hence, Iran is required to enter the new technologies in this field. The possibility of further growth in agricultural production, gardening, greenhouse, and is capable of producing flowers.

The Government protection of investors in the sector of road construction, Mass Production housing and high-speed trains.

Iran is rich sun and wind intensity is appropriate in some areas and there are many beaches Therefore It is one of the fields of investment. There is good infrastructure and large companies are active in the field of electrical equipment. There is the possibility of producing electricity from clean energy. Iran is rich sun and wind intensity is appropriate in some areas and there are many beaches. Therefore it is also one of the fields of investment.

Annually more than 1.5 million vehicles are produced and More than 90 percent of their domestically are produced also Iran has great capabilities in producing metal and polymer parts hence need to have new technology for using in the industries hereof industries such as Mold making, casting, metalworking, milling are priority.

Wool, cotton, silk, leather and various polyesters are produced with high quality overall There is raw material to the industry widely. Production of textiles, apparel and footwear by advanced machines and high-quality are investment important opportunities.

Due to the wide market in the Geographical region, position Iran, existence of necessary infrastructure and government interest, Investment in high technology, is very profitable.


Nine reasons to invest in Iran


1. Location

A unique geographical location at the center of a cross-road connecting the Middle East,  Europe and Asia, coupled with many inter- and trans-regional trade, tax and investment arrangements.


2. Market Potentials and Proximity:

Vast domestic market with a population of 75 million growing steadily as well as quick access to neighboring markets with approximately 350 million inhabitants.


3. Labor Privileges

Large persons of trained and efficient manpower at low cost in a diversified economy with an extensive industrial base and service sector.


4. Developed Infrastructure

Territory developed networking in the area of power, water, roads, gas, railroad and telecommunication across the country.


5. Low Utility and Production Cost

Diversified range of energy, transportation,, telecommunication also public utilities.


6. Abundant Natural Resources

Varied and plentiful reserves of natural resources such as oil and gas to metallic and non-metallic, polymers and chemical species reflecting Iran accessibility to raw materials.


7. Climatic Characteristics

A four-season climatic endowment as a privilege to agricultural activities whole the country and all over seasons.


8. Fiscal Incentives

Tax rates to a flat fixed 25% rate of tax on income despite various tax holidays highlighted as below table:


9. Investment Legislation

Enactment of the new Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) Concerning Attraction and Protection of Foreign Investments in Iran (LAPFI) by providing full security and legal protection to foreign investments based on transparency and international standard.