Iran Mercantile Exchange


Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) is a commodities exchange. IME trades in agricultural, industrial, oil and petrochemical products in the spot and futures markets. It is mainly a domestic or regional market with the ambition to become more international in the future. Transaction is done in both ring domestic and export by brokers.

Trading Formalities in IME

1. Appointment of a broker

2. Completing of order registration form by broker including the price offer

3. Deposit of the minimum required amount of transaction in the broker's account

4. Participation in auction by the broker

5. Depositing of the balance of transactions

6. Settlement of transactions in the clearing house and issuance of trading documents.

7. Financial settlement of transactions in the clearing house.

8. Transfer of money after deduction of expenses and crediting the trader's account with

bank account.

The List of Commodities in the Export Ring

1. Oil By-products:

Bitumen 30/40, bitumen 40/50, Bitumen 60/70, Bitumen 85/100, Bitumen 100/120,

Bitumen mc250, Bitumen Emulsion

Base Oil, Paraffin, Slack Wax

RPO (Extract)

Solvent 404

2. Petrochemicals

High Density Polyethylene, Linear Low Density Polyethylene, Terephthalate

Polyethylene, SBR, PVC, Melamine Chrystal

Ethylene Glycol, Linear Alkyl Benzene, Paraxylene, Acetic Acid, Methanol, Sulphur,

Toluene Diisocyanate, 1, 3 Butadiene

3. Agricultural

Edible wheat, Durum Wheat