Tehran stock Exchange


The Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) is Iran's largest stock exchange, which established in 1967.  Until May 2012, 339 companies with a combined market capitalization of US$104.21 billion were listed on TSE.TSE, which is a founding member of the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges, has been one of the world's best performing stock exchanges in the years 2002 through 2011.

The most important advantage that Iran's capital market has in comparison with other regional markets is that there are 37 industries directly involved in it. Industries such as the automotive, telecommunications, agriculture, petrochemical, mining, constriction, steel iron, cement, copper, banking and insurance, textiles, pharmaceuticals, financial mediation and others trade shares at the stock market, which makes it unique in the Middle East.

The TSE has started a modernization program aimed attracting more domestic and foreign investors. Concrete measures that have been taken in the planning and operations of the stock exchange such as the settlement system, geographical expansion in order to attract local and foreign capital. The TSE has installed the new trading system which has been prepared from AEMS Co.

The system makes it possible to buy and sell stocks instantaneously. The system has also made it possible for 2,000 brokerage stations to work simultaneously. The rise in electronic dealing, non-stop input and updated data on orders, transactions and indices are among other features of the new system. The system has made it possible to link the stock market to the international bourses.

The trading system is an order driven system, which matches buying and selling orders of the investors. Investors can place their orders with TSE accredited brokers, who enter these orders into the trading system. Then, the system automatically matches buy and sell orders of a particular security based on the price and quantity requirements.

How start to transaction in TSE

1.      Choosing a Broker

2.      Request Introduction to TSE by the broker for getting trading code

3.      Trading code provided after 3-5 days

4.      Amount deposited into the broker account for Purchase of stocks

 Three general methods for buying and selling stocks are:    

1.      Attending in broker's office and fill out a form to buy and sell

2.      Non-attendance and by an internet account that opening by the broker as trader

         determines trading volume and price for the broker through the internet.

3.   Online trading, by opening an online account by the broker then using a privet panel

      and doing trade No intermediary also some of brokers offer free software like

      Metatrader program that is optimized for TSE .