First, the aim of this site is to help people from other countries to connect them to any Iranians institutions and companies in all fields free of charge. We are interested in answering your questions about Iran. We can search to find the answers from the main sources here and send them the information they need.

The next aim is consulting for traveling to Iran in order to visit plenty of tourist attractions, familiarity with its industry, investment in Iran and introduction to Iranian companies to begin a mutual business with that company.

The following services require specialists in these fields and have spent a lot of times therefore these services are conditions that are negotiable.

1.       Finding requested products, introduction proper suppliers, providing samples,

          signing contracts as your agent and your behalf carry out customs jobs, loading

          and shipping.      

2.       Promoting your products, warehouse, selling the products & funds transfer.

3.       Introducing companies representing your business & your commodities.

4.       Technical inspection according instructions before shipping.     

5.       Exhibition Services to show your commodities in Iran International Exhibitions,

          obtaining a booth at the fair, decorations, hiring interpreters.

6.       Introducing field of investment, locating, preparation of land, getting permits,

          engineering, construction.

7.       Registration of company in Iran, free trade zones, opening bank accounts,

          getting Insurance and tax affairs.

8.       Shipping services, sea freight, road freight, railway freight, air freight.

9.       Purchase of commodities from Iran Mercantile Exchange such as: bitumen,

          petrochemicals products and mineral products, put an advertisement in


10.     Full planning on commercial travel and tourism to Iran, getting visa, transferring,

          supplying domestic tickets, hotel booking, hiring interpreter & accompanying you

          throughout the trip.

11.     Providing rental services for accommodation & car.

12.     Medical Tourism, introducing expert physicians and surgeons, hospital admission

          in Iran in lowest costs.          

13.     Introducing skilled contractors to implements

14.     Dispatching expert workforce