• MAZANDARAN Mazandaran is a Caspian province in the north of Iran. Located on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea.Mazandaran is one of the most densely populated provinces in Iran and has diverse natural resources, especially large reservoirs of oil and natural gas. The province's five largest counties are Sari, Behshahr, Babol, Amol and Qaemshahr. The diverse nature of the province features plains, prairies, forests and rainforest stretching from the sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea to the rugged and snowcapped Alborz sierra.Mazandaran is a major producer of farmed fish, and aquaculture provides an important economic addition to traditional dominance of agriculture. Another important contributor to the economy is the tourism industry, as people from all of Iran enjoy visiting the area. Mazandaran is also a fast-growing centre for biotechnology and civil engineering.Human habitation in the area dates back at least 75,000 years.Recent excavations in Goher Tippe provide proof that the area has been urbanized for more than 5,000 years, and the area is considered one of the most important historical sites of Iran.



Tourist Attractions in Mazandaran

Safi Abad palace

This palace is located on a mount overlooking the city of Behshahr. The palace is a relic and remembrance of the Safavid era and has been repaired during the Pahlavi period. There is a square in the structure and also there are a two storied edifice with a circular ceiling. Both internally and externally, the structure had been adorned with colored tiles which were famous during that time belonging to the same era.


Protected wildlife zones

Some areas in Mazandaran Province, due to the presence of a variety of fauna and wildlife have come to be known as protected areas. In these areas, the most important wild species are reindeer, leopard, wild goat, boar, yellow deer, brown bear, roe buck,  as well as pray birds, flamingo, waders, pelican, turtledove, grouse, ringdove, vulture, owl, dull-yellow partridge, spoonbill, heron, kingfisher, pigeon, ortolan, crane, duck, goose, eagle starling, boar, etc.

Miankaleh Wildlife Refuges, Behshahr ,These are in the Gulf of Gorgan, Ashooradeh Island and Miankaleh peninsula, and extent to approximately 7,000 hectares and are known to be among the most attractive areas in the world. The Department of the Environment as a wildlife refuge protects it and UNESCO has registered it as one of the Biosphere Reserves. Semeskan deh Wildlife Refuges, Sari: The same extends over an area of nearly 1,000 hectares and the yellow deer (Iranian follow deer) is protected here .Dasht-e-Naz Wildlife Refuges, Sari, The said extends over an area of approximately 55 hectares, and is located to the northeast of Sari in the forest plains of this vicinity. Dodangeh and Chahar Dangeh Protected Area, Sari: situated in the forestlands covering an area of approximately 6,000 hectares in the rural vicinity of Dodangeh and Chahar Dangeh. Here are environmentalist that work to save the generation of those kinds of animals and birds.    


Veresk Bridge, Savad Kooh

During World War II, it was reputedly known as the Pol-e-Piroozi, or the bridge of victory. The bridge is at an elevation of 110 m. and its arch measures 66 m. in length. The same is one of the master pieces of engineering to do with the railway track in northern Iran. This famous Iron-made bridge connects two huge mountains for passing the train through the tunnel. Other bridges of Mazandaran Province are named as, Chalous Bridge, Babolsar Bridge and Small Babolsar Bridge, Feridun Kenar Bridge, on Namaz Rood River, and Sorkh Rood Bridge, on Haraz River.


Rakast tower

This Tower is located in the vicinity of Dodangeh, and has been constructed in the early 5th century AH. The said is made of brick with a dome which has been decorated with arches. Two brick inscriptions are engraved here, in the Kufic, Pahlavi and Sassanid scripts.


Valasht Lake

This lake encompasses an area of nearly 15 hectares, and is located in a deep valley to the southwest of Chalus and to the northeast of Kelar Dasht region. This area forms a suitable habitat for waterfowls and a diversity of water species. Unfortunately, no organized exploitation has been made in this lake regarding fishing industry, and fishing only takes place by fishing rods here. Access to this lake is from the west of the Chalus Road and Marzan Abad.


Sisangan Natural Park

This park is situated near the town of Noor and contains natural attractions as well as resort facilities. Its location which is near the sea and rare species of trees have given it a noticeable sightseeing value.


Yakhmorad cave

This cave is located near Gachsar and is noticed as one of the most wonderful caves of world. This cave is warm in winters and cold in summers and contains a lot of icicles and lime lampshades which caused a beautiful view of the entry and inside.


Ramsar edifice and garden

The historical garden of Ramsar and its relative structures are on national record and under support of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran. This garden covers approximately an area of 60,000 sq. m. and is one of the most attractive and traditional gardens in Mazandaran Province and Iran. The edifice within is a single storied, rectangular building, with a central vast hall, rooms and a porch with high columns of stone. The architectural plan has involved great detail and displays the imprint of the reign of Pahlavi I, with its marble, plaster and mirror works.    


Abbas Abad Lake

Located in the southeast of Behshahr in the middle of the forest, is a lake with an area of about 10 hectares. Due to the fact that in past, Shah Abbas-E-Safavi was responsible for constructions in this vicinity, thereby the name.


Hot caves

These caves are located in the village of Tarujen, 5 km. south west of Behshahr. Others like that were discovered in 1949. Discoveries made here have revealed the life style of primitive human in three periods related to the stone ages. Three human skeletons have been discovered in Kamarband cave, dating to approximately 75,000 years BC. As well, there were blades made out of flint, and bones of walrus and deer. Articles discovered from these two caves are supplementary, and reveal the development of man from the ice age up to this date in the Mazandaran territory.


Lajim tower

The tower is situated in the village of Lajim, in the township of Savad Kooh, and is incorrectly come to be known as Imam zadeh Abdollah. The same has been constructed on simple lines, but at the same time holds elegance. It is round in shape and has a conical dome. Two especial inscriptions of brick can be noted here, bearing the Kufic, Pahlavi, and Sassanid scripts. The former reveals the date of 413 AH. After essential repairs, this vicinity actually is presently a place of pilgrimage for the inhabitants of the Lajim Village and other rural areas of Savad Kooh.


Namak Abrood Natural Park

This extremely vast park with an area of 200 hectares with its wild and un-touched nature is one of the most beautiful natural parks of the world which contains different wild species of trees and plants.



The village of Kandelus, today called Mikhsar, nestles in the green slopes of the Alborz Mountain Ranges in the Kujur region of Mazandaran. The Cultural House of Kandolus is located on the hill overlooking the village of Kandolos. The construction began in 1981, and was completed in the year 1987. The founded of the said being Ali Asqar Jahangiri. The ultimate aim of this cultural house, was to collect all evidences and documents in this ancient village, and keep these in safe custody. The collection includes earthenware, coins, historical documents, books, hand written texts, relics related to anthropology such as, tools used in agriculture and animal husbandry, ornamental articles, handicrafts, local apparel and paintings.


Mohammad Hasan Khan Bridge

This large bridge was constructed in the year 1146 AH. In the beginning of the reign of Karim Khan Zand. The bridge spans over the Babol River. It has seven main aches and two smaller ones to the height of 11 m. The length of this bridge is 140 m. and is to the width of 6 m. It is said that this bridge is considered as one of the essential and ancient bridges of the province.



  • Namak Abrood natural park
  • Sisangan natural park
  • Sisangan natural park
  • Ramsar edifice and garden
  • Ramsar edifice and garden
  • Ramsar edifice and garden
  • Ramsar edifice and garden
  • Ramsar beach
  • Veresk bridge, Savad Kooh
  • Mohammad Hasan Khan bridge
  • Lajim tower
  • Yakhmorad Cave
  • Yakhmorad Cave
  • Yakhmorad Cave
  • Valasht Lake
  • Javaher Village
  • Kandeloos village
  • Kandeloos Musum
  • Kandeloos Musum
  • Kamarband Cave
  • Kandeloos Musum
  • Namak Abrood natural park
  • Valasht lake
  • Safi Abad Palace
  • Radkan Tower
  • Abbas Abad lake
  • Abbas Abad lake
  • Abbas Abad lake
  • Namak Abrood natural park
  • Mahmoodabad
  • Narenjestan hotel
  • Valasht lake
  • Namak Abrood natural park
  • Chalus bridge
  • Namak Abrood natural park
  • Badab-e Surt Samaee



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Mazandaran is connected to the capital of Iran, Tehran, through three transit roads: Haraz road (Amol-Rudehen), Kandovan road which is tortuous (Chalus-Karaj), and Firoozkooh road (Qaem Shahr-Rudehen).



Dasht-e Naz Airport, serving the capital Sari, Nowshahr Airport, and Ramsar Airport are the domestic airports that connect the province to the other parts of the country. There are some Hajj flights from Dasht-e Naz Airport as well.



Mazandaran is served by the North Railway Dept. of the Iranian Railways. The department connects the province to Tehran to the south and Gorgan to the east. The cities of Sari, Qaemshahr, and Pol Sefid are major stations of the department.



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