• Tehran Teheran, is the capital of Iran. With an estimated population of 8,500,000 ;it is also Iran's largest urban area and city, the largest city in Western Asia, one of the largest in Southern Asia, and the 19th-largest city globally .In the 20th-21st centuries .The city is home to many historic mosques, churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples. The majority of people in Tehran identify themselves as Persians. In pre-Islamic and early Islamic times, Tehran was called Ray. "Damavand" is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia, is a cone-shaped mountain, which is located 66 km North-East of Tehran.Contemporary Tehran is a modern city featuring many structures, of which the Azadi Tower and the Milad Tower have come to be symbols of Tehran itself. Tehran is the most inexpensive capital in the world and the second-least expensive city globally based on the cost-of-living index presenting the best value for money in the world. Globally it stands 19th by city population, 56th by the size of its GDP and 29th by the population of its metropolitan area. Throughout Iran's history, the capital city has been relocated many times, with Tehran being the 32nd national capital of Iran. Persian is the city's native tongue, with roughly 98% of the population able to speak and understand it.


Tourist Attractions in Tehran


There are various Tourist Attractions in Tehran which you can visit while on a tour to this city in the country of Iran. This city is famous for its many places of interest. A number of holiday makers and tourists come to this part of Iran every year. As a result you will find many accommodation options present in this city in Iran. These tourist spots are spread all across the city and are surely worth a visit while you are here. Viewing the different Tourist Attractions in Tehran will be a memorable experience for you .

The various Tehran Tourist Attractions consist of:

1.National Jewels Treasury 

2.Golestan Palace

3.Museum of Ayatollah Khomeini

4.Green Palace

5.Saad-Abad Palace & Park

6.National Museum of Iran

7.Tehran Bazaar

8.Postal Museum

9.Sahebqraniyeh Palace

10.Damavan volcano with a hight 5671 m near Tehran

11.Niavaran Palace

12.Jamshidieh Park


14.Azadi Tower

15.Milad Tower

16.Dizin Ski resort

17.Shemshak Ski resort

18.Tochal chairlifts and ski resort

The city of Tehran which is the capital of the contry is known for its rich history and culture. Various rulers have ruled this part of Iran and they have left their distinct impression in this city which today stand as witnesses of the past. The Tourist Attractions in Tehran mostly consist of grand palaces and museums which are quite beautiful and informative. The palaces in this city include Golestan Palace, Green Palace, Saad-Abad Palace & Park,  Sahebqraniyeh Palace, Tehran and the Niavaran Palace . These palaces were built by many diffrent emperors and other nobles in the past. The palaces are very lavish and show the power and wealth of these people.

You will find a treasury and several museums as well in this city. The museums include National Jewels Treasury, Museum of Ayatollah Khomeini, National Museum of Iran, Tehran and the Postal Museum. These museums have rare displays which are quite fascinating. You can even visit the famous towers , holy shrines,botanic gardens and parks set in this city. You can also shop at the local bazaars of this city that it's structure is still old fashioned while you are on Tehran Tours. You will have a good time sightseeing in Tehran.

  • Milad tower
  • Azadi tower
  • Niavaran Palace
  • Saad-Abad Palace & Park
  • Niavaran Palace
  • Golestan Palace
  • Golestan Palace
  • Saad-Abad Palace
  • Saad-Abad Palace
  • Tehran City Theater
  • Carpet Museum
  • National Museum of Iran
  • National Museum of Iran
  • Glassware Museum
  • Time Museum
  • National Museum of Iran
  • Money Museum
  • Pardis cinemas
  • Mellat park
  • Mellat park
  • Mellat park
  • Dar abad mountain
  • Qeytariyeh Park
  • Jamshidieh Park
  • Jamshidieh Park
  • Laleh Park
  • Tehran Bazaar
  • Tehran Bazaar
  • University of Tehran
  • International Exhibition of Tehran
  • International Exhibition of Tehran
  • Dizin
  • Dizin
  • Azadi Stadium
  • Tehran at night
  • Tehran Apartments
  • Metro in Tehran
  • National Jewels Treasury
  • National Jewels Treasury


Get in


By plane

There are no direct flights from North America or Australia, but there are flights direct from numerous European, African and Asian cities as well as cities in the Middle East. Iran Air, the national carrier of Iran, flies to many destinations such as Frankfort, Amsterdam, Varna, Dubai, Beijing, Vienna, Istanbul and Tokyo. Alternatively, you can enter via Dubai and then take Emirates or Air Arabia to Tehran. Tehran's Mehrabad airport is the old pre-revolution airport and has been partially replaced with the new Imam Khomeini International Airport. Mehrabad is only used for regional and cargo flights.This newly built airport is much bigger and modern than Mehrabad. The old airport is located relatively close to the city center and the abundant taxis available are definitely the best way to get into Tehran. There is a booth organizing taxis for you right outside the arrivals hall.

Imam Khomeini Airport is a significant improvement over Mehrabad and it is still only in International use. Be warned that it can take up to an hour and a half to get to the airport in bad traffic but if you book your departure early in the morning it can be much faster. Taxis are cheap and plentiful. Generally the price of the taxis to any destination in Tehran costs between 15-20 USD.

Despite the warnings in some travel guides, there is no exit fee for foreign travelers, neither in Mehrabad nor in Imam Khomeini Airport. The exit fee applies to foreign travellers only when leaving Iran on land or by sea.

By train

Tehran has rail connections to other many cities in Iran and neighboring countries. If traveling within Iran, train tickets should be bought outside the station, in travel agencies or through internet from Raja passenger Train Company that is the passenger subsidiary company of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI).

You can go to the railway station to buy your ticket but it would be better to buy it in the travel agencies before.

There is a three-day train service departing from Istanbul to Tehran every Wednesday. You change trains on Friday at Lake Van which requires a four hour ferry ride to get across. Both the Turkish and Iranian trains are comfortable and clean. Wagon restaurants are rather cheap. Arrival on Saturday at 6.45PM (but expect up to 10 hours delay…).

There is a three-day train from Damascus, crossing Turkey via Lake Van.

Several trains a day from Mashhad, including night trains.

There is at least one train each day to Isfahan, Tabriz, Kerman, Yazd, Sari, Gorgan, Ahvaz and Bandar Abbas in Iran.

By car

Traffic is very congested but has improved with the completion of several new tunnels and highways across the city but in the way of your traveling your traveling you stop in many to visit spectacular views of nature. You can drive in from Turkey fairly easily as well as from the Southern parts of Iran. Driving is often dangerous and seat belts should be worn at all times.

By bus

Almost every city and far-flung village in Iran has bus services to Tehran, as evidenced by the hundreds of buses that pour in and out of the capital each day. Most buses arrive to, or depart from one of four major bus terminals:

The Western bus terminal (Terminal-e-gharb) is the biggest. Most international buses, as well as those heading to the Caspian Sea region and destinations west of Tehran originate and terminate here. The terminal is a five minute walk west from Azadi Square, and a few minutes walk west from the Tehran (Azadi) metro station. It’s better if you want to travel to the west cities start from this terminal.

The Eastern bus terminal (Terminal-e-shargh), 7 km north-west of Imam Hossein square, handles buses to/from Khorasan province, as well a small number of services to the north.

The Southern bus terminal (Terminal-e-jonoob) is well equipped and handles buses head to and from destinations south of Tehran. It is 2 km east of Tehran's main train station and easily accessible via the dedicated Terminal-e-Jonoob metro station.

The Beihaghi bus terminal is located beside Argentina Square, around 1.5 km south-west of the Mossalla metro stop. The station has services to /from most major destinations in Iran including Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Esfahan, Rasht and Yazd. Generally different levels of bus services serve the passengers. The most expensive one is VIP, which is very comfortable for the travellers.


Get around


Congested midday traffic in front of Tehran's iconic Azadi Monument.

Getting around traffic-clogged, sprawling Tehran is a true test of patience. While taxis are your best bet, they are pricier here than the rest of the country. A large local bus network will also take you almost anywhere you need to go, as long you can make sense of the routes and Persian line numbers. The true star of Tehran's transport system however, is the brand new metro.

By bus

Tehran has an expansive bus network. Some require prepaid contactless card , which can be bought from booths beside the bus stops and Metro Stations used when you get off the bus, and some should be paid by cash. 

BRT (Bus Rapid Transportation)

The BRT buses are colored in red.BRTs has special lines and travels very quickly.

1. Line 1: Azadi sq. to Tehranpars.(West-East)

2. Line 2: Azadi Terminal to Khavaran Terminal.(West-Southest)

3. Line 3: Elm-O-Sanat Terminal to Khavaran Terminal.(Northest-Southest)

4. Line 4: From Tehran South Terminal to Chamran Highway-Parkway


5. Line 7: From Railway station that is located in south Tehran to Tajrish that

    is located in northTehran.

6. Line 10: From Azadi sq. to Daneshgah Azad sq. in Hesarak.


By metro

Tehran’s metro system is comprised of four lines that take you as fast as possible to your distention but actually there are some rush hours in the morning and evening.

There are four lines (numbered strangely 1, 2, 4 and 5) but the two most useful are lines 1 (north to south- from Tajrish Station to Kahrizak Station) and 2 (east to west). All stations have signs in both Persian and English. Trains run every 5 minutes or less on rush hours (15 minutes on Fridays and holidays) from around 5:30AM-11PM every day. line4 (yellow line) extended eastward to Kolaahduz station and westward to Ekbatan  Station.

Tickets are valid for 1 or 2 trips (including change of lines) and cost not more 0.2 usd. There are ticket booths at every station. You can also buy a contactless fare card which is the best option if you are going to use metro a lot. There are two dedicated women-only carriages at one end of the train.


By taxi

There are some types of taxis that one kind takes you in any place you want, another kind works with the call. If you call it’s agency comes to you and give you ride. The other kind works from a place to another place which have a fixed price(around half usd),but for the other previous ones should bargain about the price(maximum 5 usd).


Get out


Two mountainous places where have good weather and many different cultural and modern restaurants are Darake and Darband.

There are many ski resort close to tehran,Tochal resort is closest then Abali resort,Shemshak resort,Darband resort and international Dizin resort that is the best of middle east.

Two of Iran's biggest ski resorts are 1-2 hours north of Tehran in the Alborz Mountains.

Shemshak is the closest of Dizin resort and its steep slopes are considered more appropriate for expert skiers and boarders.

Dizin is the larger resort with more facilities and is considered better for beginners and intermediates. The resorts generate some rivalry amongst the locals, with some Shemshak is looking upon those who ski in Dizin as 'kids in the park' and see Shemshak as the place for 'true skiers'.





Homa hotel            

Esteghlal hotel      

Laleh hotel            

Espinas hotel        

Azadi hotel            

Olympic hotel        

Eram hotel            

Howeyzeh hotel     

Ferdowsi hotel       

Enghelab hotel      

Simorgh hotel        

Saina hotel             

Atlas hotel              

Khayyam hotel        

Melal apartment hotel group

Mehregan hotel


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